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Testimonial Videos

Bobby Nibhanupudy, MD Medical Director Abdominal Transplant Program

Dr. Bobby Nibhanupudy explains how his love of helping others motivates his work as the medical director of the abdominal transplant program at AdventHealth.

Cynthia Gries, MD, MSc Medical Director Lung Transplant Program

Dr. Cynthia Gries describes how her patients inspire her work as the medical director of the lung transplant program at AdventHealth.

R. Duane Davis, MD Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgeon

Dr. Duane Davis explains how he works with AdventHealth’s cardiovascular and thoracic surgical team to produce medical miracles every day.

Mauricio Velez, MD Transplant Cardiologist

Dr. Mauricio Velez explains how building relationships with patients and providing hope inspires his work as a transplant cardiologist at AdventHealth.

Scott Silvestry, MD Surgical Director Thoracic Transplant Program

Dr. Scott Silvestry describes how teaching and innovation inspire his role as surgical director of AdventHealth’s thoracic transplant program.

Donald Botta, MD Surgical Director Cardiac Transplant & Ventricular Assist Device Programs

Dr. Donald Botta explains how he wants to make a positive difference in the community as the surgical director of the cardiac transplant and ventricular assist device programs at AdventHealth.

Nirav Raval, MD Heart Failure Cardiologist

Dr. Nirav Raval explains why he is passionate about his role as a heart failure cardiologist at AdventHealth.

Robert Metzger, MD (Medical Director Kidney Transplant & Living Kidney Donor Program)

Dr. Robert Metzger describes his inspiring journey to become the medical director of AdventHealth’s kidney transplant and living kidney donor program.