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Kidney/Pancreas Program

For patients with Type 1 diabetes, our kidney/pancreas program was designed specifically for you. During a kidney pancreas transplant, both organs (given by a single deceased donor) are transplanted into a patient who is experiencing kidney failure as a result of Type I diabetes.

Am I a Candidate for a Kidney Pancreas Transplant?

If you have Type 1 diabetes and are experiencing or on the verge of experiencing kidney failure, you may be a candidate for this double transplant. If you’ve been told you have Type 2 diabetes, we recommend getting a C peptide level test. Patients with a very low C-peptide level might be candidates for a kidney pancreas transplant or a pancreas transplant. Currently, the AdventHealth Transplant Institute, formerly Florida Hospital Transplant Institute, does not consider Type 2 diabetics with high C-peptide levels appropriate candidates for kidney/pancreas transplantation.

What If I Just Need a Pancreas Transplant?

In some cases, our patients have already undergone a kidney transplant and need a pancreas transplant for their Type 1 diabetes. This can be performed right here at AdventHealth.

In select cases of type 1 diabetes, we will consider a pancreas transplant alone to improve quality of life. The wait times to receive a pancreas only are shorter than the national average.

Your Kidney/Pancreas Treatment Plan

The treatment plan for a kidney/pancreas transplant is generally very similar to that of a kidney transplant. The procedure time is slightly longer, but our patients can expect the same level of expertise, compassionate care and support throughout their journey.

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