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Support When You Need It

You're never in this alone. Whether you're on the waiting list or recovering from transplant surgery, the support you need is always just a call, click or short drive away.

Transplant support groups, whether in person or online, can help you connect with others who know exactly what you're going through and how you're feeling. Share your challenges. Speak your fears out loud. And celebrate every victory, big and small. Beyond emotional support, our patients have found that support groups can serve as a unique forum to exchange ideas and information about everything from maintaining a healthy diet to learning about financial assistance resources.

Our Transplant Support Groups

Our transplant team here at the AdventHealth Transplant Institute, formerly Florida Hospital Transplant Institute, hosts regular support group meetings for pre- and post-transplant outpatients:

  • New Life Transplant Group Support Group
  • Thoracic Transplant Support Group
  • Destination Therapy VAD Support Group
  • Abdominal Transplant Support Group

These support groups are available to both patients awaiting transplantation and recipients. Meetings are scheduled regularly, providing newsworthy information, social activities and opportunities for volunteer involvement. Patients and their caregivers can listen to guest speakers, share experiences, voice concerns and volunteer to help others.

To get a meeting schedule and register for an upcoming session, contact one of your social workers:

Transplant Support Groups in Your Community

In cities across the country, transplant candidates and recipients like you gather together to share their stories, provide reassurance and inspire hope.

To find a support group near you, go to Transplant Living.